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Our goal is to improve the quality of life for veterans and spouses who gave of themselves for the betterment of the nation.


"There are people out there who at one time wrote a blank check to this country who are not doing so well right now. I think it is our responsibility as citizens to do what we can for these people. Some of them have fallen on hard times."


AAMCO Prescott Valley repaired, refurbished and presented its first powered wheelchair to a well deserving Veteran on February 25, 2016. We now want to start collecting donations of powered wheelchairs from area residents that have no current need for them.


Many veterans cannot afford powered wheelchairs, even with insurance.


Imagine yourself trapped in your house. Imagine yourself not being able to go to the store because you don't have any mobility. Imagine yourself being out of breath walking from the chair to the bathroom. Being able to move around is one of the basic qualities of life, and these people can't do it. It makes a big difference to these peoples' lives.


A refurbished powered wheelchair made a big difference to Army Veteran Robert Martens, who lives in Cordes Junction and is on a kidney and pancreas transplant list. He has been ill for about three years now. He told us that he went to the VA when he first moved to Arizona and got a complete physical because he didn't have any insurance. It was then that he learned he had kidney failure. Because he was confined to a basic wheelchair, his ability to get outside of his house has been limited to his dialysis treatments three days a week. The new powered wheelchair will give him his mobility back so he can again start to live outside of his home.


A small donation, such as a powered wheelchair or electric scooter, is nothing less than what we owe the veterans who are underprivileged and cannot afford one for themselves.


To donate a powered wheelchair or electric scooter, please call AAMCO Prescott Valley today.


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